Water management for professionals

Developed and focused for technicians and farmers. We encourage you to
improve water and nutrient management.


Developed for years by AKIS agronomists together with farmers to respond to current agronomic needs. Our goal is to provide assistance and practical prescriptions to facilitate water management and nutrition.

The platform can be access by any device and allows the user to get irrigation and fertilization weekly plans. Our agreement with worldwide recognized firm allows to visualize the data from field sensors such as soil moisture sensors and weather stations.

But that's not all. If you have an AgronicWeb license, you can program your irrigation programmer remotely!


The first step is to obtain information about the farm that will be supervised by a technical visit made by AKIS team engineers, specialists in soil, water and fertility management.

Then all the information is analyzed and if deemed necessary to proceed to the installation of sensors or to upgrade the irrigation in order to improve crop management.

We provide a user password so the farmer can access the internet platform and get all the water and nutrition prescriptions on a weekly basis.
In the CUSTOM service, during the first year we will make up to 4 technical farm visits to adjust the water consumption model in all irrigation sectors. We will check the soil conditions and supervise the hydric and nutritive state of the crop by using the most advanced techniques.


There are 3 recruitment plans so you can find the service you need:

Contract the service today by writing to us info@watman.pro